Frequently Asked Questions

High heat and excessive agitation are not a Dude's friend… it may damage your gear, and we would hate for that to happen!

To keep all of your 100% cotton DudeRobe Gear looking and feeling its best:

- Machine wash with your usual detergent separately in cold water on the gentle cycle.

- Use only non-chlorine bleach as needed  (never use “real” bleach).

- Air/Line dry or tumble dry using the air setting (no heat) or gentle or delicate cycle and don’t “over-dry” it.

DudeRobe uses two separate fabrics & brings them together in one awesome garment. The outside fabric is 100% cotton (jersey) while the inside is 100% cotton as well (French Terry). Both are pre-shrunk & perfect for lounging.

The inside fabric is still super comfy & super absorbent, but we made it lighter because it was too heavy for most of our dudes.

Nope! The ’16 branding has been removed from the arm (so there’s no branding embroidered on the outside of the garment at all).

The DudeRobe branding has been removed from the hood.

Pants & Shorts no longer have button fly. It’s now a faux fly.

We no longer make the quarter-zip hoodie (at least for now)…there were too many sizing issues.

No problem! Email us at and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!