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My grandson, after trying it on, sent me a text saying "you're the best!"

Dennis Stirewalt, Jr.

Absolutely love the shorts. Have one of each color. Have them on all the time. So comfortable!


My boyfriend love the robe! It was the perfect gift.

I’m 6’5” and ordered the s/m

Because of illnesses, I weight only 150 lb. So finding something to fit my long arms yet not look like I am swimming in it is hard to find.
This robe fit perfectly. I raise my arms above my head and the sleeves are more than long enough.

Dude Robe

Love it other than the hanging loop broke as soon as I touched it. Otherwise my husband loves it. I did contact Dude Robe about it and they took care of the issue.

Bradley Gutches
It’s goood

It’s pretty darn good, currently my favorite robe. Cool to wear it and the shorts over to the hot tub in the evening, here at the luxury beach side condo.

Michael Quesada
Dude Bathrobe, shorts and sandals

Love my new bathrobe, shorts and sandals. Very cozy for those of us in California where the weather has been unpredictable. Will order additional for friends!


Gave a couple of robes as gifts. Now I want one for myself! Thick, but not too thick and not too thin.



Heaviness robe and great short

Comfortable and warm. Need robes for NFL and College

Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe
Julie Montgomery
Dude Looks Like My Mother

I bought my husband this for Valentine's Day because my sister got one for her husband and he loved it.
Yes, it looks a little weird to me but it may be because HE WEARS IT ALL THE TIME.
He loves it, and I have to stop him from wearing it out to the store, Home Depot, etc.
It is well made and better be since it's getting so much use. I hope he can take it off long enough to let me wash it.

I feel like a King!

The pants are the most comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever worn. Everyone should get a pair or 5!

Shelley elam
My Son Loves Them

I gave the triple set to my son for Valentines and he wears them daily and loves them...


Soft and comfy - husband would prefer a longer one so we'll have to get one when they available.

Best robe ever

Awesome robe most comfortable robe I ever had!!! Feels like velvet!!

Kelly Boyle
For my hubbie

My husband had an old pair of sweatpants with a really saggy baggy butt. He and I both LOVE these new sweatpants! They're long enough, comfy and warm, and not shapeless like the old pants. He is a very pleased dude.

The Big Dude Lebowski

I love this DudeRobe set! I bought the DudeRobe and DudeShorts and I love them! I want to wear them all day and walk around like The Big Dude Lebowski!

Exceeded expectations

I love this new robe… the fit, the features, the softness. Makes me want to find more excuses to wear it!

Something has changed

The robe purchased in Feb 2023 feels different than the one purchased in summer 2022. The fabric-interior and exterior- feels not as soft and luxurious as the first one. I plan to compare the labels attached to inside robe and provide better feedback on possible differences in fabric or where made, etc. the robes are my husbands favorites for sure !

Love the fabric and belt, too short in length

The fabirc, hood and belt are absolutely loved features of this robe. I was surpirsed to see how SHORT the robe is though. My husband is 6'4" and it is way too short to wear round the house with kids around! I just ordered the pants so it can be a complete look- as a stand alone item, it is simply too short.

Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe
Desaray Forthner

Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe

Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe
Louise Thornburg
Dude Robe Review

Very comfortable and quality item. It's heavy and dense so you feel it on you for sure.

Melissa M Crabtree
My Husband Loves his Dude Robe

I bought the Robe, pants and shorts for my husband. He said they are extremely comfortable and look great on him.

Best Robe Ever!

Smart design. Pockets in all the right places. This is the most comfortable and coolest looking robe on the market. It’s just like your favorite college sweatshirt that you’ve had for 15 years, but won’t give away because it’s so soft and fits perfectly.

Debra Countiss
Review of all products

Absolutely love the robe material and the fit is amazing. Same with the shorts. Unfortunately, the pants that I ordered in Sm/M were huge! I’m not sure if they were mislabeled but I was forced to return them. That was disappointing.