I'm not a robe guy.  Never have been. 
And most of the guys I know, they’re not robe guys either. 
They’re a little too, I don’t know…familiar? Creepy?
But my wife, she loves robes…and she always looks so damn comfy. 


Back in 2016, I was in the shower staring at her in her robe…and this was basically the thought that went through my mind. 
“I like to be comfy too…but what can I wear?  Not a robe, that’s for sure.”
“I’d wear a towel, but towels look weird.” 
“Why haven’t robes changed much in the past several hundred years?  And why are men’s robes and women’s robes exactly the same?”
Then I turned and saw a hoodie hanging on the hook next to my towel.
“I’d wear a towel if it looked like a hoodie.”  Cue music…cue lighting bolt. 
I got that adrenaline rush when you just know you’re onto something. 
I got dressed, jumped in the car and ended up in Walmart, where I bought a bunch of towels and headed to my tailor Josè. 
“Josè, can you make a hoodie and sweatpants out of these towels?”
Boom! A week later, I had a pretty awesome and absorbent hoodie and pants…and that’s because Josè is awesome. 
Many prototypes and samples later, I decided to do a Kickstarter to see if everyone else thought the idea was as good as I did.


Fast forward to June 2017…and we hit our funding goal in just 2 days. 
And within a couple of weeks, Shark Tank was tweeting at us. 
We raised just under 70k in that month.  And remember that was in June…not exactly prime bathrobe selling season. 
Now it’s January 2017 and we’re airing on Shark Tank…the original supporters just received their DudeRobes over the past two weeks and the response has been absolutely overwhelming. 
 But this story is story is still being written…and that’s because I’m blessed to have an incredible group of dudes who have helped along the way…and now I’m stoked to be able to offer all you dudes out there with a badass bathrobe and loungewear that is changing the game. 
It’s about time the robe has changed…join the Robe-o-lution!


Howie Busch is a seasoned Inventor, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Attorney who has experienced success in a number of related businesses. 
Mr. Busch designs and develops innovative consumer products, which he typically licenses to leaders in the appropriate industry.
Inventions Include: 

- DudeRobe - Re-designed & re-engineered the bathrobe into something guys today will actually want to wear. Ran successful Kickstarter campaign that was nearly 300% funded & is now appearing on Shark Tank. 

- On-Hand Pillow & World's Smallest Travel Pillow, sold in airports around the world.

- Ugly Christmas Blankets...the perfect holiday gift for that hard to shop for person in your life. 

- Wall Wobblers, the bobblehead for your wall coming to stores starting Q3 2016. 

Before becoming an Inventor, some other Cool Stuff I’ve done:

- One of the "godfathers" of the bathroom advertising industry, Mr. Busch sold his interest in his indoor advertising company to attend law school. 

- By the time his second year of law school rolled around, he was negotiating NFL contracts for players like 1st Round Draft Pick Tim Green. 

- Negotiated UNDER ARMOUR’S first pro sports license with the NFL. 

- Helped little known NFL player Bill Goldberg get into professional wrestling, where he became GOLDBERG, one of the most successful and highly compensated wrestlers of all time. 

- Negotiated multiple World Series of Poker deals with ESPN.

- Represented numerous sports broadcasters, producers and production companies, negotiating deals with ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Turner, etc.