Hey Dude,

If you’re here, it’s because we messed up…and now it looks like your Christmas gift didn’t make it on time.

That’s not cool. Sorry about that man.

When dudes make a mistake they own up to it…and that’s what I’m doing here.

Let me explain.

Someone near & dear to you decided to get you some DudeRobe gear this holiday season. They ordered in plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

Unfortunately, we ran into some inventory and logistical issues.

As soon as we realized this, we jumped into action…flying more robes in from across the world (in Pakistan).

We were assured they would arrive at our fulfillment center in Central PA, with plenty of time for us to turn them around to get them to you.

But they were delayed in customs…and arrived later than anticipated.

We didn’t want to miss Christmas delivery, so we upgraded your shipment to Next Day Air (on us) and believe me, these ain’t cheap to ship Next Day Air. But it was important to us, to me, to get these to you on time for the holiday.

Then we were hit with a Bomb Cyclone (whatever that is) and much of the country was at a standstill…meaning some of our Next Day Air Shipments got stuck in the weather and now won’t be delivered until early next week.

While you can’t account for the weather, it’s still on us because we should have been able to ship these in plenty of time before the weather ever became a factor.

But we didn’t want to leave you guys hanging…and we didn’t want you to think it was anyone’s fault except for ours.

To make sure they had something to share with you, I put together this Landing Page so you can understand why this happened and what you’re getting for Christmas, even if it’s a little late.

From one dude to another, it’s my bad… we’re better than this and we value all of our customers and hate to disappoint any of them.

To that point, we’d like to offer you a $50 gift card as our way of thanking you for your understanding and for bearing with us.

Please email me at info@duderobe.com with any questions or issues and please send us your Order Number so we can follow up on your delivery status and issue you your gift card.

Wishing you and all your dudes (and dudettes) a happy and healthy holiday and a kickass 2023!

Founder & Dude-in-Chief

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The DudeRobe Line-up

The DudeRobe

Whether you wear a robe... or you're just not a "robe guy," you'd wear a DudeRobe.


Perfect length & width, designed for true comfort... lined with our super absorbent, super comfy towel. Soak up wet, sweat, or just chill.


These pants were made for chilling... from after showers to after hours. Sweatshirt Fabric Outside + Super-Comfy & Extra-Absorbent Fabric Inside, DudePants are made from the same proprietary dual fabric as the DudeRobe.

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